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12-19-13 - Ásta Covert


12-03-13 - Ásta Covert

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11-06-13 - Ásta Covert


Mark your calendar for our Spring show. April 26-27, 2014.

We hope to see you all here for another fun event!

10-22-13 - Ásta Covert


Our fall show was held at Húnavellir this past weekend. It was a three day show with Triple WorldRanking for Open classes. It was a very International crowd that showed up and our judges were all from different countries. Florian from Germany, Alexander from Austria, Nicolai from Denmark, Asa from Sweden and Will from USA. Our scribes were also international, Sydney from Canada, Jan from Sweden, Sarah from Germany, Jasmine, Kelly, Colleen, Laurie and Jeannene from California. Doug was our Icetest Master and Keith made sure we got our groove on with his fantastic choice of music.

We had a total of 8 horses in the show from our ranch. Ásta rode Dynjandi in T1 and V1, Byr in F1 and Hamar in his first show in the green horse Tolt and Fourgait. Anne-Marie rode Húni in T2, Freija came with Nicolai and she borrowed Kaliber and rode him in V2 and T1 and did very well especially having only ridden him for the first time on Friday morning before competing. Laura Benson and Laurie Prestine borrowed our mare Maístjarna. Laura rode her in T2 and Laurie in T5. Both did very well especially having ridden Mæja for the first time on Thursday. Willy rode Þór in F2 and P2 and Hvati in T5. Many of our regular students competed as well. Christina and Hroftur in T1 and V1, Lucy rode Andri in T3 and V2 and Ali from Dalalif in the green horse Tolt and Fourgait. Jamie Blough rode Rán in the 12 and under Tolt and fourgait, Jessica rode Hugljúf in T6 and V6 and their mom Kelly on Sandur and Sara on Blesa rode together in T7 and V5. Doug rode T4 on Álfaþór.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our event and we hope to see you all in the spring!

See more photos on our Facebook Page
All the photos are taken by Sarah Ziller

T1 Finalists and judges.
Alexander, Heidi and Birta, Florian, Christina and Hroftur, Asa, Laura and Stjarni, Nicolay, Ásta and Dynjandi and Will

Victory lab. Christina and Hroftur and Ásta and Dynjandi


Laurie Prestine rode our mare Maístjarna frá Ólafsbergi and won T5

Ásta and Byr frá Enni in F1

Hroftur, Christina, Ásta and Dynjandi

Anne-Marie and Húni

Willy Ma and Hvati frá Ketilsstöðum were second in T5

T2 Finalists - Laura Benson and Maístjarna and Anne-Marie and Húni

Freija and Kaliber

Christina and Hroftur

To see the full results from the show click here.

10-21-13 - Ásta Covert

New Sales Horse..

Hamar at his first show in oct. 2013 - photo by Heidi Benson

Hamar from Dalalif
born 2006 Black Gelding

Sire: IS1994125409 - Hrafn frá Garðabæ - (8.20)
Dam: IS1993265598 - Rák frá Akureyri - (8.39)

Hamar was born here in Santa Ynez, CA May 23rd, 2006. He is a big black gelding with kind and mellow demeaner. He has easy natural tolt, big trot, nice and long stride in walk and comfortable canter. He does not have a lot of trail experience but he performed in his first show in the fall of 2013 in a green horse class where showed some nice moments.

For more info on our sales horses click here.

09-16-13 - Ásta Covert

Kraftur Show..

We went to Watsonville, CA to attend the Kraftur show held at Mountain Icelandic Farm September 7-8. The show was well attended and so much fun seeing all the kids ride their horses around. Also it was great to see Kani frá Feti and Andri frá Sólbakka back on the track and a new comer Ali from Dalalif that was born here in Santa Ynez. Will was judging the show and Ásta rode Byr for the first time in a show. They competed in Fivegait (F1) and Loose Rein Tölt (T2). Willy rode Hvati also for the first time in a show. They competed in Pleasure Tölt (T8F) and Intermediate Tölt (T5).

See more photos on our Facebook Page

Ásta and Byr in Tölt - photo by Alexandra Venable

Kajsa and Vísir flying around the track in Root Beer Tölt

Kani and Emma won the Youth Fourgait and were second in Youth Tölt

Willy and Hvati in Pleasure Tölt

Lucy and Ali from Dalalif competed in Green Horse Tölt and Fourgait

Intermediate Fourgait (V3) getting their comments

Pair competition - Madeline and Jamie

To see the full results from the show click here.

We are looking forward to the CIA OPEN here in Santa Ynez in October!

08-20-13 - Ásta Covert

World Championships Berlin..

We just returned from our trip to the World Championships held in Berlin August 4-11.

Dynjandi checking out the track

We are travelled with one of our own horses Dynjandi and he was accompanied by Madison's stallion Straumur. We flew from LA to Amsterdam where we met up with our team mate from NY Shannon and Asi. After a short rest in Amsterdam Shannon drove 10 hours with Thomas and the horses to Lótushof where Vicki and Beggi Eggertson hosted us for few days. We even decided to stay an extra day there after getting settled in and they were so nice to us that we almost didn't want to leave. We checked in to the WC grounds on August 1st where we were met by our fourth team member Chrissy. It was hot in Germany during our time there and for us coming from California the humidity was hard to get used to.

Will, Ásta, Shannon and Doug - photo by Isibless.de

Will was the groom on our flight to Amsterdam and got to stand with Dynjandi and Straumur during take off and landing and Dynjandi couldn't have been any more relaxed during the trip and traveled like a pro. He and Shannon's gelding Asi made friends at Lótushof and we were lucky to be able to have a window betweend them at the showgrounds so they could socialize and get more airflow between their stalls.

Team USA Opening Ceremony - Shannon, Madison, Chrissy and Ásta - photo by Doug Smith

We did very well at the World Championships. We placed 8th in T1 and V1 Finals. We were only 0.03 from riding in the A-Finals in V1. We also were lucky to get to ride in the B-Final in T1 after placing 11th in the preliminary rounds and that after being 4th on the track at 8:30 in the morning.
But most of all we had a good time and a lot of fun riding in front of 13,000 spectators.

For full restults from the World Championships go to the FEIF webiste

After the T1 B-Final - photo by Will Covert

We made new friends during the trip and met many old friends too, there were some amazing performances on the track and some moments we will never forget!
It is always so good to be back home.

To see more photos from our trip like us on Facebook.


07-19-13 - Ásta Covert


We have been busy the last few months preparing for the World Championships held in Berlin August 4-11.

Flying C Ranch

We are traveling with one of our own horses Dynjandi and he will be accompanied by Madison's stallion Straumur. We are flying from LA to Amsterdam where we will meet up with our team mate from NY Shannon and Asi. After overnighting in Amsterdam we will drive to Lótushof where Vicki and Beggi Eggertson are going to let us stay for few days. Then we will check in to the WC grounds in end of July where we will get settled for a week during the competition. It is a long trip for us and our horses but we are very excited. To follow our travel story like us on Facebook.

Dynjandi at home in July

Two daughters the stallions standing here for stud did very well in compeition in July. One in Iceland and the other one in Norway.

NO2005205122 Irpa fra Islandshestgården ridden by Erik Andersen photo by Baard Larsen

Daughter of Þór frá Prestsbakka, Svalvör frá Glæsibæ and her owner Kjartan Guðbrandsson were 3rd in the A-final in B-Class at Fjórðungsmót today! Congratulations to Kjartan and Svalvör!
And Hrafndaughter Irpa fra Islandshestgården and her rider Erik Andersen were second in F1 at the Norweigian Championships.
Congratulations to Erik and Irpa!

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06-28-13 - Ásta Covert

Tack Shop..

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06-03-13 - Will Covert

US Tryout California..

The US tryout were held in 4 different places May 25th - June 1st. The California location was here in Santa Ynez in a relaxed setting with 5 riders participating.
Only 2 for tryout and 3 for scores only. Everyone reached qualifying scores in one or more discipline. To see the full results click here
Madison and Ásta are looking forward to travel to Germany this summer to represent USA at the World Championships in Berlin.

Ásta and Dynjandi frá Dalvík

Madison Prestine and Straumur frá Enni

Christina Granados and Hroftur from Hobby Horse

Rachel Ng and Kaliber frá Lækjarbotnum

Scott, Christina, Linus, Rachel, Laurie, Dominic and Doug discuss the results

Doug Smith and Álfaþór frá Bakkakoti


05-15-13 - Ásta Covert


Mark your calendar for our Fall show. October 18-20, 2013.

For more info on Hotels, Schedule, Classes and Sign up go to the sho information page.

We hope to see you all here for another fun event!


05-07-13 - Ásta Covert

New Shipment of Bridles..

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05-03-13 - Ásta Covert

US Tryout..

The deadline to sign up for the US Tryout is May 14th.
Make sure you send in your sign up if you are interested in trying out or riding for scores by the deadline!
The tryout here in California is June 1st. For more info go to the USIHC webite or email Will at sport@icelandics.org.


04-30-13 - Ásta Covert


Click here to watch a video from our show made by Kathy Sierra on YouTube


04-30-13 - Ásta Covert

New Sales Horses

We have added a first prize mare Maístjarna frá Ólafsbergi to our sales horse page.

Please check it out or e-mail us at info@tolt.net if you interested.


04-29-13 - Ásta Covert

CIA Open Spring Show..

Our Spring show was this past weekend. Laura and Heidi Benson brought many of their students from Northern California that made this show the biggest one we have had so far. We had 47 Horse and Rider combinations signed up and a lot of kids riding their horses, some were showing for the first time and some have been to many of our shows. Rune Svendsen came from Denmark to be our judge and Sara Sessa scribed for him on Saturday and Laurie Prestine and Colleen Monsef took turns to scribe for him on Sunday. Doug was our Icetest guru, Lindsay took care of the gate and Keith made sure we had good music going the whole weekend!
Thank you everyone who helped and came to support our event!

The Flying C riders did very well. Anne-Marie rode Húni, Bragi and Sörli. She rode Húni in T2 and Bragi in T1 and they both scored 7.00. Sörli was in F2 Preliminary rounds. Rachel rode Kaliber in T1 and V2. They did very well in fourgait and scored 7.5 for canter in the finals. Dominic rode Byr in T3 and V2 since now he has scored out of Intermediate classes. He scored 6.2 in T3 including a 7.0 for Fast tolt. Willy rode Þór in F2 Fivegait for the second time and scored 5.8 including 6.0 for pace and he rode Þór for the first time in T6 with good success. Eileen rode Hvati in T5 for the first time and they did very well together. Christina rode Hroftur from Hobby Horse in T1 and V1 and they did amazing in T1 scoring 7.0 including 7.5 for fast tölt in the finals. Then Ásta rode Dynjandi in T1 and V1.
Click here for full results from the show

T1 Finalists and our judge Rune Svendsen.
Ásta and Dynjandi, Laura and Stjarni, Christina and Hroftur, Madison and Straumur, Rachel and Kaliber and Heidi and Birta

Rachel and Kaliber frá Lækjarbotnum

Ásta and Dynjandi frá Dalvík

Anne-Marie and Bragi frá Hólum

Christina and Hroftur from Hobby Horse

Dominic and Byr frá Enni

Dynjandi frá Dalvík in canter

V1 Finalists - Ásta and Dynjandi, Madison and Straumur, Christina and Hroftur, Laura and Stjarni and Kathy and Vafi

We hope to see you all in the Fall for another fun show!


04-11-13 - Ásta Covert

Quick trip to Iceland..

Driving east from Reykjavík

We managed to make a quick trip to Iceland this past weekand and catch up with family and friends. We were also able catch the last competition of this seasons MasterCompetition and the Icetölt. It was fun seeing so many great horses in the few days we were there. The weather was good and spring was in the air. It was great to hear the buzz about the World Championships this summer in Berlin and it is looking like it will be a great event.

Now that we are home everything is in full swing for our show in the end of the month!
We are really looking forward to it and we have already received a lot of sign ups. We are very excited to meet old friends and making new ones.

If you haven't signed up already, here is the sign up info for our show!

03-26-13 - Ásta Covert


Our show is now a month away and we are looking forward to it!
Make sure you book your hotel soon if you haven't already.

Click here for all the info on the show!

02-27-13 - Ásta Covert

World Championships Tryout..

The date for the US World Championships tryouts have been announced.
June 1st is the date for the Tryout to be held here in Santa Ynez, CA.
For more info on other locations and how to sign up contact Will at sport@icelandics.org or go to the USIHC website

For more info on the World Championships held in Berlin in August 2013 go to the official website

02-05-13 - Ásta Covert

Tack Shop..

We have Random Specials thru out our website..


01-10-13 - Will Covert

USIHC 2012 National Ranking..

The National Ranking has been announced and awards are being sent out. The California competitors did very well this year.
Dominic won three this year including both Intermediate classes T5 and V3 and Open Group T3. Asta won the Open T1 and V1, Colleen won both the Novice Classes V5 and T7. Anne-Marie (T2), Lucy (V2), Willy (T6), Doug (T4), Jessica (V6), Elizabeth (T8) and Barbara (F2) won one each.

Dominic and Byr are leading 3 Classes in the National Ranking 2012 - photo by Will Covert

Year End National Ranking 2012
Award Winners
Discipline Rider Average
T1 Asta Covert 8.80
T2 Anne-Marie Martin 7.50
T3 Dominic Ng 6.50
T4 Doug Smith 6.55
T5 Dominic Ng 6.22
T6 Willy Ma 4.47
T7 Colleen Monsef 5.95
T8 Elizabeth Monsef 6.15
V1 Asta Covert 8.02
V2 Lucy Nold 6.19
V3 Dominic Ng 6.27
V5 Colleen Monsef 6.09
V6 Jessica Blough 6.15
F1 Gudmar Petursson 6.70
F2 Barbara Chilton 3.95

Click here for full results of the National Ranking...

01-08-13 - Will and Ásta Covert


Fireworks in Iceland


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